Accelerating precision medicine™

Sample Logistics

ImmuneCarta provides procurement services for a broad variety of biological specimens.

With our extensive network of clinical and academic collaborators affiliated to major teaching hospitals, ImmuneCarta has access to:

  • Freshly collected samples (peripheral blood and tissues)
  • Clinical data and pathology reports
  • PBMC (peripheral blood mononuclear cells) obtained by Leukapheresis
  • Biobank of cryopreserved PBMC obtained by leukapheresis. These cells are used for assay development, validation and performance monitoring.

ImmuneCarta provides all the documentation for ethics approval (informed consent and study protocol).

Please inquire how ImmuneCarta can help you to access the samples you need.


Immune response monitoring under GLP laboratory and personnel Immune response monitoring services conducted under robust GCP/GLP/GCLP regulations and highly trained personnel.

Sample Management

ImmuneCarta offers immune monitoring services for multi-centric trials. We ensure that sample integrity is maintained throughout the study in order to generate conclusive immune monitoring results. All documentation is customized to meet client-specific requirements.

Management services include:

  • Review of clinical site procedures (SOP and Laboratory manuals) used for sample collection, processing, storage and shipment
  • Preparation of laboratory manuals and standard operating procedures for sample handling
  • Selection of appropriate courier
  • Organization of a simulated run to ensure shipping parameters are satisfactory (packaging, temperature control, shipping time)
  • Tracking of shipments from clinical sites to ImmuneCarta in temperature-monitored packaging
  • Inventory and storage of client samples

On-Site Training

ImmuneCarta offers on-site training and off-site webinars for clients and clinical sites to ensure that biological samples are processed under our standard operating procedures. Our robust training program minimizes variability between processing sites and maximizes sample integrity.

ImmuneCarta trains and monitors clinical sites in real time for proper handling, isolation, cryopreservation and shipment of biological samples, as ensuring sample integrity is critical for proper immune monitoring testing.

Training includes:

  • Study sample collection and handling
  • PBMC isolation
  • Cryopreservation
  • Leukapheresis collection and processing
  • Dry shipper preparation/reception
  • SOPs and comprehensive documentation